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Update January 2011

The earthquake of 14th April 2010 destroyed most buildings in Yushu. The Beneficial for All Medical Centre was so badly damaged that it could not be repaired.

As a consequence of this Medicine for Tibet is building a new Beneficial for All Clinic at the Chodrak Nunnery 2 hours from the city of Yushu in the countryside. Construction is to begin in the spring of 2011 when the weather is suitable for building.

Rinpoche Rabten will run this clinic in the same manner that he did the Yushu clinic, offering free medical treatment to those who cannot afford to pay for it. Medicine for Tibet will continue to fund the clinic with medicines and basic running costs.

Medicine for Tibet is funding the training of two Tibetan girls in traditional Tibet and Chinese medicine. They are now into their third year of training.
Medicine for Tibet is also funding a small school at the Nunnery
run by one of the nuns who teaches 15 students at present.

The ongoing funding of the Beneficial For All Medical Centre run by Rinpoche Rabten, the training of Tibetan and Chinese health workers, and the support of the Chodrak Nunnery school will be the primary focus of Medicine for Tibet for the immediate future.

Immediately after the earthquake Medicine for Tibet raised funds to help residents of Yushu buy food and basic necessities lost under the rubble that remained of their homes. Money was distributed by Rinpoche Rabten and Rinpoche Sonam Tenzin who travelled there for that purpose.

The current living situation of many Tibetan people in Yushu in tents. Most of the tents provided are not suitable for winter conditions. Medicine for Tibet has been active over the last months raising $7,000.00 to provide winter proof tents that have stoves in them to at least some of the displaced residents.

The Yushu Earthquake

EDIT (GOOD NEWS): Recent reports have told us that the Medicine Center was damaged, but was one of the few buildings that remained standing, by God's Infinite Mercy. The vehicle also is working, and has been instrumental in helping the people of Yushu. This largely invalidates most of the message below, but we keep it here as a record.

Dear Friends of Medicine for Tibet:

Your support has made so much possible. Over the last few years the funds donated by generous people and raised by MFT have been used to purchase the medicines needed for running the centre and in training two Tibetan women to become practitioners in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine.

The recent earthquake on April 14, 2010 in the Quinghai State of Tibet in China, shook Yushu, the district where Medicine for Tibet's Beneficial For All Medical Centre, was built. The devastation has been massive - 85% of all structures in Yushu district were flattened. Reports have said that the Beneficial For All Medical Centre and its 4WD vehicle have been destroyed. Over 2200 people have died, with more bodies being discovered daily. More than 12,000 people have been injured. Many Tibetans are homeless without shelter in freezing conditions at 4,000 meters above sea level. They lack adequate food, water and medical care. The situation is dire.

We hope to raise money initially to help provide emergency relief to the Tibetan community in Yushu. Shelter, blankets,clothing,food and medical supplies are needed. Our Director Venerable Sonam Tenzin Rinpoche will travel to Yushu early in May this year with the money raised and along with Venerable Rabten Rinpoche will purchase and distribute this aid to the Tibetan people.

If you would like to help or donate to the relief efforts, please contact us. Bank details for direct transfer of donations are: ANZ bsb 017 042 Account 489881877 Chodrak Pende Ling Tibetan Buddhist Inc.

Its a small world, and we are grateful that you share with us the desire to help one another.

Dr. Elizabeth Reeckman

Mr. Greg Maulder

New Medical Center

The Medical Center was completed in November 2007. It has 4 rooms and one hall, plus a bathroom and toilet. The total floor space comes to about 170 square meters.

Lama Rabten Rinpoche giving the first consultations in the newly constructed Medical Center. The design, layout and decoration was the work of Rinpoche and his Tibetan assistants, in accordance with their traditions.

Lama Rabten Rinpoche practices traditional Tibetan as well as Chinese medicine.

This magnificent traditional medicine cabinet is the result of many hours work from dedicated Tibetan people.

Medical Center under Construction, August 2007

In June 2007, funds were generated for the purchase of a 4WD vehicle and construction of the Medical Center.

This Four Wheel Drive will be equipped as a mobile medical unit that will deliver medical services to the more remote areas.

Before November 2007

Before the Medical Center was constructed in November 2007, for many years Lama Rabten Rinpoche had no place to conduct medical consultations and dispense medicine. He often had to diagnose and dispense medicines outdoors.